Reviews of Rest for the Wicked (Book 3, California Gold Trilogy)

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Earliest Comments from Readers

“Wow! I’m savoring every page.”

“It’s a long book, but it has all the hot-button, page-turning issues, so it moves fast. Themes include rape, racial bigotry, human bondage, women’s rights, economic and psychological depression, corruption of political power, the battle of titans over whole rivers, the rise of Hiram Johnson and the Progressive wing of the Republican Party, and philosophical/religious differences. I love the way it ended — family, farming, babies, and lasting love. You can’t beat family values!”

“Awesome research! Fascinating. I didn’t know why part of Yosemite Park was flooded as a reservoir for San Francisco’s water. Great book!”

“In the broad picture, this trilogy is the story of America — the Native Americans curious at first and then at war with the newcomers; the human side of a vast and lawless territory; and then the grip of mega-business monopolies over the government and the people. But the great value of this trilogy lies in the details as they occurred in California, and which this author uses in the plotting. The focus is sharper here, because California was on fast-forward. The leap from stone-age to the rule of big banks happened in the single lifetime — that of 70-year-old Indian Mary, one of my favorite characters. This is a scope of work that skillfully brings to life where we’ve been in America, and where we just might be headed. Bravo!”

Rest for the Wicked (Book 3, California Gold Trilogy)
by Naida West
ISBN: 978-0-9653487-0-6
624 pages; trade paper
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Updated June 4, 2010