River of Red Gold: A History Novel (Book 2, California Gold Trilogy)

This update adds details unavailable when originally researched in the early 1990s. Based on a true story, this is the California Gold Rush as you never imagined. The fates of Indian Mary, Elitha Donner (survivor of her father’s wagon-train disaster), and Pedro Valdez (a proud Californio) entwine in a drama of passion and power on the ranch now owned by the author. 1844-1853.

River of Red Gold is marvelous, but what lifts it apart from other historical novels is the sense of a spiritual reality that suffuses the landscape . . . Many have attempted something like it, but nobody, in my experience, has even come near to the achievement.” — Jon de Cles Reviews

“. . . a fascinating, gripping story that is firmly rooted in historical research yet reads with the power of good fiction.”
Journal of Western American Literature

“Exceptional in the genre of California historical fiction . . . West paints a world of nature and civilization, love and violence, spirituality and bigotry on the California frontier.”
Journal of the Faculty Association of California Community Colleges

“California’s history has been presented in an illustrious haze of land conquered and people tamed . . . These notions and more are challenged in River of Red Gold, a compelling saga.”
California Geology

River of Red Gold (Book 2, California Gold Trilogy)
by Naida West
ISBN: 978-0-9653487-5-1
641 pages; trade paper; endnotes; maps of ranchos and early settlements in California
Now available in a box set!

Updated June 4, 2014