Rest for the Wicked
​by Naida West
Book 3– 1893-1910

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In this sweeping, turn-of-the-century epic, the reader brushes elbows with San Francisco tycoons who have paid $1 million to elected officials to get them to vote for taking all the water from the Cosumnes River and a third of the water from the American River so they can develop the Bay Area. The reader also meets Sacramento attorney Hirum Johnson who quashes that corrupt scheme in court and sends the SF Mayor and City Manager to jail. The reader also meets Lincoln Steffens, the nationally famous reporter and author of Shame of the Cities, while on the streets of Sacramento warfare blazes between union strikers and the U.S. Army on the side of the Southern Pacific Railroad. This novel is at times terrifying from the point of view of a young woman, yet it is deeply satisfying. As in the previous two books, Howchia and her “Animal People” kibbitz from the spirit world, but In a grand folio of spirits at the end, Mae Duffy dances and Condor speaks for the first time.
This is your best book yet. Bibliophile, book club member, and fan of the first two books in the series
– Andi Sevier, Sacramento. 
“Another page-turner … keeps us reading as the midnight oil burns/1”.  – Nancy Bibby Reviews
“Captivated me from the very beginning and held my attention through to the end, leaving me wanting more.”  – Donna Allen, Bookpleasures reviewer

Listen to the podcast of Naida’s interview with Jeffrey Callison on Capital Public Radio.
(Forward to 24:00, about the 50% point, to hear the interview.)