Eye of the Bear
​by Naida West
Book 1–1825-1829

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Historical figures include native leader Estanislao (Stanislaus River named for him, his native name Cucunichi); Padre Presidente Narciso Duran of Mission San Jose (manager of the CA padres for nearly 30 years); Mariano Vallejo, a young Lt. from Monterey Presidio (city of Vallejo named for him), American trapper-leader Jedediah Smith, Russians from Fort Ross, and many more historic people of that time and place.​

​​Men in particular praise this novel. Some have doubted that a woman could write from a male point of view, whether in group-sex ceremonies or private intimate moments. At least a dozen men have told the author:
“I read all the time,” and this is the best book I have read in my entire life."
This book is unique. Even as a historical novel it stands unique. As Naida, herself points out “In most historical novels a fabricated plot is imposed upon a historical setting. Instead, I used documented events as story guideposts…”. And what a story it is! Every bit as exciting as “Leather-stocking Tales,” it explores, as did James Fennimore Cooper, the American experience during the devastating contact by Native Americans with their European conquerors.  – Joseph Petrillo, retired lawyer in his blog, 2012.