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How Naida West Became a Publisher  
In 1999, Naida turned down a contract by HarperCollins. At that time she was polishing her second book, which she had set aside to self-publish River of Red Gold. HarperCollins was the high bidder for publishing rights, offering to re-issue River of Red Gold and publish Eye of the Bear and any other book West would write in the series. But before Naida signed the contract she told H/C that nearly 10,000 copies of River had already been sold. The H/C marketing department advised that their estimated “sell-through” for that book would be 12,000 and there wasn’t enough money left in it for them. Therefore they limited their offer to Eye of the Bear and any books following it. Naida recognized that a 12,000 sell-through estimate meant that H/C was not willing to spend enough money publicizing the book. She also doubted they would adequately publicize her other books, so, she delayed signing the second offer while still polishing up Bear. Then she learned that her dramatic ending of River had been slapped onto the end of a better-known author’s gold-rush novel, which was published in a hurry by H/C a in the late fall of that same year. Devastated by that but not wanting to waste time and energy in a copyright lawsuit, and seeing the sales of River quickly doubling and tripling, she decided never again to send her work to New York publishers. So Naida became a publisher in spirit as well as reality. Now Naida’s bestseller is her California Gold trilogy in a boxed set.

Please do not send unsolicited manuscripts. We no longer publish the work of other authors. 

We agree with Thomas Carlyle (“On History”) that “History is the essence of innumerable biographies.”